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Plus 1 Creative Group
Success thru powerful storytelling, compelling content, crisp design and dependable traffic generation.




What Makes You So Special?

Successful marketing comes down to three things: (1) having a story to tell that people want to hear, (2) getting them to listen, and (3) compelling them to take action. Simple to say, harder to do. That's why we're here – to find your business's unique voice and build messaging & content around it. With that, getting your audience to listen is easy.

We talk with lots of businesses who've been frustrated by the impotency of their marketing efforts. Inevitably, it's been because they've focused their attention on the wrapping (the delivery method) and not enough on the gift (the content & messaging). You need both - delivery to get you to the door and effective, substantive messaging + content to get you in once you arrive.


Marketing isn't a dark art. There's no magic. Done well, it's more science than art and more substance than flash, but there all part of the equation. What ALWAYS works, though, is great content. Gimmicks & tricks may work for a while, but the long game is won with authenticity and delivering value to your audience.



Nobody Cares...

...about what you have to offer until they know how it will help them solve their problems and/or realize their hopes, dreams and desires. 

You MUST start there or all your marketing efforts will fall on deaf ears. 

The #1 marketing mistake businesses make is telling their story their way. The key is telling your story in a way that will resonate loudest with your target audience. That starts with understanding and caring about your audience first.  

Want better results? Tell your story in a personal way; make it relevant to your intended audience; then, sprinkle in a little urgency. Now you've got a messaging strategy that will show you results.

Simplicity Over Complexity

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Plus One Process

Your business probably has standard operating practices, and so do we. 


Objective(s). What outcome(s) do you want and are we the right team, based on that/those goal(s)?


Market Knowledge + Audience Understanding. Who is your audience and what do they want? No marketing dollars should ever be invested until there is crystal clarity on these two points. Regardless of how sensational your company and its products & services may be, your success hinges on market acceptance and, especially, market action. 


Testing. My father once said, "Every idea is brilliant...until it isn't." Testing is how you separate the brilliant from the not-so-brilliant. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Embracing marketing as an investment, and not an expense, will vastly increase your odds of being successful. While there are tried and true practices, marketing will always be a three-phase undertaking: conceive, test, launch.


Message & collateral creation. Effective messaging aligns the wants/needs/desires of your market and your unique strengths and offerings as a business. Collateral creation is the creative design & production of content that will deliver your message(s). 


Scaling. An effective marketing program reaches out thru multiple channels. It expands in some areas and contracts in others based on seasonality, channel effectiveness, platform changes, new technology, etc. 



Our Promise

We will work always in the best interests of your business. We will respect your budget and clearly present the risk:reward components of each step forward. We will be open to observations, feedback & criticism. We will take agreed-upon action in a timely fashion. We will monitor, measure and modify our approach(es) as best judgment dictates, in accordance with your stated goals & objectives. Finally, we will listen to you and never forget this is your business, not ours.

About +1

Who We Are. What We Believe. 

We are creative, thoughtful, smart, open, imperfect, non-ego-driven design, marketing & storytelling professionals eager to bring proven business-building approaches to businesses able to accept small failures on the road to greater success. 

We believe in the power of authenticity and staying true to what sets you apart.

We believe the win-win scenario is the most powerful formula for long-term success.

We believe the quest for perfection is, at best, unproductive and, at worst, a fool's errand. Consequently, we have chosen to simply settle for excellence.  ;-)